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Motto: Always Be Brave

Champion Teammate: CB Hudson

High School Team: Lake Travis HS - Football

Hayden was diagnosed in utero with a severe level of Spina Bifida . He has a lot of gear and equipment that most kids don’t have.  He has had 22 surgeries, he has 2 wheelchairs, AFOs, HKAFOs, RGOs, a stander, a handcycle racing trike, a walker, a feeding tube & a brain shunt and 26 diagnosis that make him rare, but we say unique.

Hayden is a happy 3rd grade boy at Lakeway Elementary.  Hayden loves all activities, he loves to ride horses at hippo-therapy  he loves to ride the school bus, play basketball, t-ball, football, to race his wheelchair, to go swimming, play t-ball, kickball, go to camp, play swords, rock climb, to cheer for and annoy his sister and to be a big brother.

Hayden loves to be social and loves being around people.  He has a big sister, Hanna (2 years older) and a little brother Garrett (4 years younger).  Hayden goes to the doctor ALOT.  He loves music, so CB Hudson is the perfect champion athlete for him.  He has a great private duty at home and school nurse, Neal Shotwell, since kindergarten.   He loves being part of the LT state championship football team with CC4C.  He has lots of friends and Hayden loves the ladies too.

It is important to us that Hayden be seen for what he CAN do & not for what he cannot do.  We want Hayden to reach his full potential academically & socially.  If we have high expectations for him, he will have the self esteem to succeed at his own personal goals.

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Scott Schneider 09/16/2017 $100.00 Team Hayden!
Marty Skalla Crompton 09/16/2017 $10.00  
Lisa & Jon Smoak 09/15/2017 $25.00 Go Hayden!
Bill & Jamie (William) Bayless 09/14/2017 $500.00  
Tony Ciola 09/13/2017 $100.00  
Natasha Cooley 09/11/2017 $100.00 Happy to support such a great cause! xo
Janis Hudson 09/09/2017 $250.00 Go Team Hayden!!
Lake Travis Sports Magazine 09/06/2017 $2,620.00  
Paul Pearce 08/22/2017 $50.00 Go Team Hayden!!!!
  Total $3,755.00  
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